Wired (1)

As humans, we tend to intuitively drift to the options that seem emotionally easy and bearable.

This means that we’re wired to want to settle for less, as long as it feels comfortable. It could range from choosing a take-out for dinner to settling for a lousy job. Just because it feels comfortable.

We seek instant gratification and short-term satisfaction because we cannot feel reassured without foreseeing the outcomes.

We have a prime unconscious directive we’ve been born with and it is to seek emotional security.

As humans, living an easy life is counter-intuitive. The reality is that you’re entitled to work hard to deserve the good life you know you deserve.

Do you see how this mechanism works? It’s really important to be fully conscious of it.

In an argument, you refuse to admit that you’re the wrong one. In the daily life, you avoid starting conversations with strangers. If you’re being criticized, you go full “Hulk” on the person that is actually giving a precious advice you could use efficiently. When you see a box of cookies, you give in. (Sounds familiar).

But hold on a minute… Why would I want an emotional and challenging life? Well, the human mind is designed to need challenge to feel satisfied. The most horrible lesson we’ve been taught is: Go with the flow, don’t worry, things will slowly get better. I call BS.

So, do you see what I see? I see it as a vegetable state. 

The thing is… I’ve been a vegetable. I do still get lazy. I still struggle with implementing this principle of doing the most emotionally difficult thing. But it’s the small changes that help you undo the mechanism of always seeking comfortableness. It’s all about training your brain NOT to look for shortcuts and to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Trust me it feels refreshing when you do, because surprise:

There are no magical solutions. 

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