Being a straight-A student

You finally hear your name after long hours of waiting in the crowds. You see your parents’ eyes watering and feel proud already. You have spent way too many nights working for this moment. You are being called to the stage, and what a glorious moment it is.

You receive that piece of paper and you’re now ready to face the world. But wait, you actually have not been prepared for this. You’re graduating from college but not from life. Hold on till you get the real slap in the face.

Our education system is not preparing us for the real world. In fact, getting straight A’s for almost 17 years doesn’t make you a genius. The metrics used to estimate the capacity one has to restitute information learnt by heart and recited.

School is producing dysfunctional adults.

The fact that you could spend 17 years as a cog in a system just training your memory is terrifying.

Do you know how to vote and have independent political opinions? Are you an active member of society? Do you know how to cook for yourself? Do you know anything about other cultures, nations and religions? Do you know how to budget, get a loan or even invest your savings?

Instead, they teach you how to grow a bean in a cotton-filled glass (can always help in case of a zombie apocalypse) or how to make La Vache Qui Rit wheels (for my French speaking friends out there).

Are you mentally healthy, or have you spent too many years acting like a robot – a glorified robot?  “That girl is a smart ass”. No she is not: she has just trained her brain to remember things efficiently but most probably doesn’t have an opinion of her own.

Do you know what’s even more terrifying? Having to have your opinion and expressing it. Our education doesn’t prepare us to be listened to.

Do you know what else is terrifying? School doesn’t prepare us to FAIL. It teaches us to perceive any other school-mate as a potential competitor and that you should WIN in the arena.

A life is made of failures, those sweet failures that one should embrace and be OK with.

Our school system is not preparing us for the real world; it’s setting us for a huge disaster, unless you decide to educate yourself; on your own terms; and explore what’s beyond your bubble. That’s how you grow as a human. That’s how you forge a personality that is of your own making. That’s how you set yourself for success and if not, then it is your God-given right to fail and start over.

Don’t worry no one has the right to grade you on this.


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