Creator Vs. Manager : How to manage your time?

Have you ever wondered how your life looks like in weeks?

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It definitely puts some perspective into how you manage your weeks to make a life out of them.

I remember once someone told me that how we spend our days, ultimately defines how we go through about our lives.

We all wish to live a meaningful life, have impact on the world and leave a valuable legacy. But what do you do if you have real life issues waiting on the other side?

You remember that urgent thing you needed to do and you swore you’d do it in 15min? I know, you have probably spent all day doing only that and it’s the saddest thing of all.

In fact, I’m the first one to struggle with this issue. But here are a few things I have discovered along the way:

Creative tasks

You brain works differently when you’re a in a creator mode. It thinks in a million different ways and actually needs you to do actionable things on the spot. And that my friends, is exactly how you get lost.

This is my personal remedy:

Start your day with something utterly silly

Real self-confidence is gained once you start your day already doing silly things while being completely OK with it. You can sing a stupid song, do a stupid dance or make knock-knock jokes.

Your mind gets the following signal: “It is OK to think outside the box, it is OK to try things out and if it doesn’t work, remember that it was your choice and you put yourself voluntarily in this position.”

Give yourself “Creator time”

In order to give your creative mind full potential to flourish and give birth to new ideas, you will have to give it some private time.

You will have to get into your creator fort, or however you call it and zone out. Once you have created the perfect set-up to think, you will need to organize your day in a way in which the creative tasks come as a priority and are organized in big chunks of time.

You most certainly understand the purpose of organizing them this way, since an idea can travel away from your conscious mind, as soon as you get distracted by a mundane task (such as answering that ping you received on your chat).

One more thing to remember, DO NOT ANSWER e-mails as soon as you get to the office/workplace. You can read them to be aware of what’s going on, but you’ll get to that later when you switch back to “Manager Mode”.

Management tasks

The management tasks are everything that you do at the workplace/office that has almost been automated by your brain. These should be at the bottom of your priorities, if you’re a primarily creative individual.

I’m a huge list person. But my lists are not there just to give me the satisfactory feeling I get when I scratch things off of them. Let’s start by creating a list:

Start with the actionable items from your emails

Yes, it’s finally time to dig-in your emails and list everything you need to do. Please don’t write down “Reply to e-mail”, which takes me to my next point)

Quick tip: when sending e-mails, always add in the subject [Action Required, Action Requise]. (I will be detailing the in another post how to write efficient emails.)

If it takes less than 10 min. to do 

You should bear in mind that if a task takes less than 10 minutes to do, don’t write down, do it while you’re writing down the other important tasks that’ll follow.

Be concrete

You can use either online task planners or a notebook. I’ve always been a concrete-hands-down type of person, so I’ll write down all the tasks that need to get done on a piece of paper, instead of getting lost in all the open tabs on my laptop.

Now go live a life full of creativity, because it’s not for a succession of emails that you will be remembered, it’s for the great value you add to people’s lives by capitalizing on your creativity and providing the right habitat for your brain to excel.





2 thoughts on “Creator Vs. Manager : How to manage your time?

  1. Raj says:

    Wow really wonderful post and must read for anyone. I am probably doing all that you have mentioned but the early part… where you say “So something silly” … It doesn’t happen to me, as soon as I am up, I start seriously thinking about the days planning, some days very hectic thinking starts from the bed itself. Any thoughts?


    • MeryemRaji says:

      Thanks for reading Raj! 🙂
      I was exactly in the same position before. I would go to bed thinking about ideas and wake up wanting to execute without saying good morning to the people around me. Meanwhile, you realize that your brain is not taking some time off to generate new ideas. I do silly things in the morning to tell my brain it’s OK if it needs to focus for the rest of the day. Also, these activities usually don’t last more than 5-10min. 🙂

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